This third novel in the Highland Healer Series presents a bit of Scottish romance and a few touches of magickal realism bring about unexpected twists and turns.

Life in the Highlands is anything but peaceful these days. The Battle of Culloden is long over, but the aftermath brings pain and sorrow to the clans. British soldiers are combing the countryside seeking Jacobites, supporters of Bonnie Prince Charlie. The MacKinnon brothers have escaped capture so far as their lodge is hidden high up in the Highlands, but they know it is only a matter of time before they will be discovered.

However, the family must deal with an even more pressing problem when a stranger- a young lad -shows up at the lodge. His presence brings chaos and difficult situations for all of them, particularly Alex. Then, as if they didn't have enough difficulties, Scarlet Fever pays them a visit as well and strikes more than one little lass.

Caitlin, the healer, must care for the sick, but before she can complete this task, she and her special powers are needed when Alex and Jack go missing. Rumors about clan members being executed, imprisoned and sold into slavery are rampant. Caitlin worries that she and Millie, the lady, may not be able to cope with three orphans, two bairns and the two oldsters, Da and Uncle Andrew, if Alex and Jack are captured.

Caitlin calls upon Master Wabi, the old wizard who is her uncle, but he is missing also. She has no choice but to make decisions that will anger some and frighten others. With Willie, her wolf protector, by her side, she strikes out on a mission that turns out to be even more dangerous than she thought it would be... and she knows it could end in disaster.

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