Living on the edge

Marsh Magick
July 7, 2015

June 2015

Living on the edge of Guana Preserve must be somewhat like living in the original Garden of Eden! Every day brings a visit from a few creatures who reside here and so graciously have allowed Garry and me to keep a residence here also. Of course, the primary creature in the Garden of Eden was “the serpent,” . . . and yes, members of that family live here also. We give each other plenty of space, however, so that keeps both of us at ease!

Today’s visitor was one that we don’t see very often — a bobcat! رهانات المباريات He only shows himself once in a great while, but when he does, he is truly a beautiful specimen. He’s only about three feet long and maybe 20-22 inches tall, so is probably not fully grown yet. His body is unique in that it moves with the grace that we expect from anything from the cat family, but it’s also very muscular as if it should belong to a larger animal. He’s a reddish-brown color and blends very well into the marsh.  He stood on the edge of the bulkhead that surrounds our home and I “safely” watched him from inside a screened porch. I didn’t bat an eyelash, hoping to watch him as long as possible. It only took a moment for him to sense my presence, and then he made eye contact, briefly, and very slowly walked away. If there was any fear . . . it was on my part, not his!  I felt safe, so was enjoying watching him as he lifted his nose and turned his head slightly from side to side. Our very elderly, tuxedo feline, Groucho, was in his usual place for daytime napping . . .  a very comfy wicker chair on the porch, so he was witness to this also. Neither “cat” seemed to mind that the other was there, which I found surprising. Having lived with Groucho for 20 years now, I was quite sure the bobcat had nothing to fear from him! He looked briefly at the bobcat, then yawned and settled back down again and resumed his favorite pastime . . . sleeping.  But, it was just another day in our wilderness called Guana Preserve.

My daily experiences with some of these critters provide much fodder for writing, and I have been very busy getting my latest novel, Healer’s Magick, published. لعبة البوكر It is now available on Amazon as a paperback, and Kindle as an eBook.  I hope you all will read it and give me some feedback. Writing is very invigorating . . . publishing is not!

Embrace the Magick — it’s Everywhere! العاب كسب المال

Florence Love Karsner