Happy New Year to All You Readers!
January 1, 2016
‘Tis the Season…
December 19, 2018

At long last I am back! Significant time has passed since I’ve communicated with you, my readers, even though one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to write more novels, and communicate through blogs.  Well, it’s August already, but perhaps there’s still time for me to redeem myself.

The last two hurricanes came just a bit too close to our home on the Intracoastal Waterway, so we thought it might be best for us to move “inland.” Making the decision to move to Jacksonville, Florida, was not difficult as we’ve lived here before, have some ties to the community, and our daughters grew up here.

But then the search began. Eventually we found a lovely “villa” (the real estate agent’s word—not mine) on Goodby’s Creek. لعبه البوكر لعبه البوكر This “villa” is nestled in a small area of homes that are all reminiscent of real villas in Italy. موقع المراهنات كرة القدم Namely, each one has a colorful barrel-tiled roof and is painted some luscious color such as mocha, creme brulee, caramel or toffee. Ours is what I call “vanilla bean white.” They all make you want to take a bite of them!

The creek is quite spectacular as well. The oaks and cypress trees along the banks overhang the water, and I recently witnessed a “swarm” of silver-winged dragonflies skittering across the water, leaving small ripples in their wake. And, by the way, it’s considered a lucky omen if a dragonfly lands on you. Yesterday I watched as a raccoon darted into the woods chasing after his lunch prospects.

 I was afraid that when I left the marsh I’d never see nature’s beauties again. But, not so. In just our short time here, I’ve been hawks, blue herons, and numerous other water birds.  So, no fear. Mother Nature is still part of my daily experience.

Now, on to even better news. The prequel to The Highland Healer Series is finally ready to be published!  This prequel, The Wolf, The Wizard, and The Woad, was actually the first book I wrote. During my time battling breast cancer, with chemo being pumped into my body, I occupied my brain by writing this book (mentally). Later I put it down on paper and promptly put it on a shelf in my office. It just didn’t seem like the time to release it, so I began the Highland Healer Series and let the original book “marinate” on the shelf. كيفية ربح المال من الالعاب

Now I feel the time has come for it to make its way into my readers’ hands. In Highland Bloodline, I alluded to this book, referencing it as a journal written by Caitlin’s grandmother, Ci-Cero. It will answer many of your questions regarding Caitlin, Uncle Wabi, and Willie, the wolf. They all had their beginnings in this book, this prequel. I do hope you find it as exciting and fulfilling as I do. Somehow it is very special to me.

As soon as I know the exact launch date, I’ll send out another blog so you can order it right away. As I’ve said before, your support is always appreciated and I hope my writing brings you pleasure.